Welcome to Elvita, the elixir of life. If you have a question, Elvita brings you the solution in real time or offline on your mobile, landline or PC. Elvita invents, develops and promotes the world's first invention and its associated technology automating the exchange and matching of short messages through Internet, fixed line or cellphone.


Elvita is a fast and secure way to find the solution to your need.
If you are looking for the car of your dream, Elvita will put in touch with the seller of '64 red Mustang in less than 3 minutes.
If you want to find the job that best fits to your personality and goals, Elvita will find the perfect match for you.
If it's time to move, Elvita will bring you dream house at fraction of the cost of a classified ad.


Elvita is based in Arques, France. Specialized in invention design optimizing internet and cellphone exchanges, Elvita develops and markets innovative solutions encouraging the creation of new user-centric uses. Elvita is the first worldwide invention in this field. Elvita stays at the cutting edge and optimizes its R&D effort.


Team gathers complementary skills and successful experiences in science, entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and technology both in France and Canada.
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